Homelessness is a violation of our basic social right to affordable housing. Unless we have a decent place to live, we can hardly exercise our family, social, or political freedoms on a par with others.

During the Great Recession of 2008, millions of Americans were evicted and foreclosed upon, leaving them destitute. This was especially true of minorities, many targeted by mortgage lenders to take on unsustainable loans, whose forfeiture led to the destruction of their family wealth. No one should ever be evicted from or foreclosed upon in a personal residence due to an inability to pay rent or mortgage payments.

What We Need

We must provide eviction and foreclosure protection by requiring payment rescheduling so that both landlords and mortgage lenders can receive their payments while preventing families from suffering the dislocation of losing their residence. Guaranteed jobs, a fair minimum wage, and the fruits of employee empowerment all contribute to providing individuals with the secure stream of income they need to make rescheduled rent and mortgage payments at a pace that will not jeopardize the solvency of landlords and banks.

Most critically, we must ensure that there is a sufficient supply of affordable housing, both in urban and rural areas. The Federal Job Guarantee will put people to work refurbishing and constructing such housing and help eliminate homelessness.