We cannot enjoy equal political opportunity or enjoy our rights to vote, run for office, and participate in political parties if our ability to exercise these rights depends upon how much money we have.

Overturn Citizens United So We Can Publicly Finance Campaigns

To prevent democracy from degenerating in oligarchy, where wealth rules, we need to overturn Citizens United and stop the unrestricted flow of money into politics. Wealthy interests are influencing our political process more and more disproportionately. We need to introduce public financing of campaigns so that candidates have a fair opportunity to present their positions to the public. This involves ensuring equitable access to the media as well as equitable resources for campaigning.

Making Sure Candidates Can Afford To Run

Employees face special challenges running for office - to run an effective campaign, they must stop working, which leaves them with no income, no job-related benefits, and often little hope of resuming their job after the campaign ends. Campaign finance reform must address this problem by providing candidates with the means to support themselves while running for office, as well as some guarantee of resuming their livelihood after a losing campaign.

Otherwise, the opportunity to run for office becomes a privilege restricted to those who have independent means of support.