What use are our rights if we allow our planet to become an unhealthy and unsafe environment? We have an obligation to curb activities that are damaging the planet, threatening our health, and changing our climate for the worse. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and all future generations to keep our planet as livable as possible.

Promoting Green Energy

We must act now and use market incentives and public works to combat global warming and ensure a livable planet for future generations. We do this by using incentives to shift private investment from carbon-based non-renewable energy industries to a domestic green energy industry second to none. We can reduce reliance on these energy sources and develop clean energy replacements.

Green energy jobs are here now and growing by the millions. They are available at every skill level for people in all age groups. We must support this expanding industry, which can become the backbone of our communities by rebuilding the energy sector in areas that need it most.

The Federal Job Guarantee, in turn, will play a key role in putting people to work constructing an improved public green infrastructure across the country.