Why I'm Running

I’m running for Congress in Georgia’s 10th district because too many of us have been denied economic security and equal opportunity. I have spent my life trying to address these societal problems. Now I want to take the fight to Congress.

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Our greatest leaders fought to fulfill an American promise, one that reaches beyond equality to ensure all individuals live a life of dignity. They fought for equity. Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King, A. Philip Randolph, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Eleanor Roosevelt each believed this could be achieved through a job guarantee.

Let's honor their legacy through action - by establishing policies that guarantee not just full employment, but racial justice, access to health care at no cost, worker empowerment, and the programs needed to assure us our rights and grant us our freedom.

We can truly transform our 10th congressional district of Georgia, and even our nation. Let's do it. Let's make history, together!