Why I'm Running

I’m running for Congress in Georgia’s 10th district because too many of us have been denied economic security and equal opportunity. I have spent my life trying to address these societal problems. Now I want to take the fight to Congress.

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For a New Social Bill of Rights

In our district and this country, too many people struggle to afford the most basic resources needed to live freely: they are unable to support themselves and their families, they cannot access quality health care or decent housing, they are denied child care and the legal representation they need when things go wrong. We deserve a government that works for us, guaranteeing us economic independence and security. Without these there cannot be true democracy. This is why we need a New Social Bill of Rights:

1. Guaranteed jobs at a fair wage

So that anyone who wants a job can get one with pay that truly reflects America’s rising productivity and prosperity

2. A Super Medicare for All

So that we all have access to quality care covering all needed physical, mental, and dental treatment without copays or deductibles

3. Paid family leave, free child and elder care, and $500 child allowances

So that no one has to make sacrifices to balance family and work

4. Worker empowerment and collective bargaining

Where employees have fair representation on corporate boards and collective bargaining so they have a say in decisions concerning work conditions, including equal pay, outsourcing, and automation

5. Legal Care for All

To cover the expenses of all personal criminal and civil legal representation, so people can defend against discrimination, sexual harassment, wage theft, and more

We can pay for all this

By establishing a wealth tax on the trillions of dollars sitting idle in the coffers of the top 10%, instead of being invested productively in our economy